Complaints procedure JaHou ICT

Article 1 Concepts and terms

1.1 Participants
Anyone who actually partakes or has partaken to an exam, E-Learning or coaching trajectory of JaHou ICT or who conclusively applied for this is applied in a legitimately way.

1.2 Complaints committee
The complaints committee of JaHou ICT, on the subject of E-Learning courses/trainings, coaching trajectory’s and exams.

1.3 Director
Mrs. J.E.H. Houben-Jaspers.

1.4 E-Learning courses/trainings, coaching trajectory’s or exams.
The E-Learning courses/trainings, coaching trajectory’s or exams or any other meeting which is offered or organized by JaHou ICT.

1.5 Trainer/coach/advisor
The person who is commissioned by JaHou ICT and performs (parts of) the course/training or coaching trajectory.

1.6 Complaints
Every written expression of discontent about a E-learning course/training or coaching trajectory, which has been addressed to the complaints committee with the request to install an investigation and to judge this complaint.

1.7 Complainant
The one who has submitted a written complaint at the complaints committee.

Article 2 Admissibility

2.1 The participant, and the person on whose behalf this participant partakes on the course/exam or coaching trajectory, or has partaken, is able to send a complaint about the execution of the course/training or coaching trajectory till 4 weeks after the conclusion of these activities.

2.2 The complaints committee can decide that a complaint which has been submitted after the time-period which has been mentioned in 2.1, still can be treated, if the complainant, in the judgment of the committee, couldn’t reasonably have done it before.

2.3 Complaints will always be treated confidential.

2.4 The registered complaints will always be kept for a period of three years.

Article 3 The composition of the complaints committee

3.1 The complaints committee exists in the first instance out of the person who has been commissioned by JaHou ICT to perform (parts of) the course/training or the coaching trajectory and one of the directors/trainers/advisors of JaHou ICT. The last mentioned person is not the one who has performed the course/training or coaching trajectory.

They research the complaint which has been submitted in the way that has been described in article 5 of the complaint procedure.

Article 4 Job of the complaints committee

The task of the complaints committee is to investigate and judge the complaints which have been addressed to her. This judgment is an advice to the director.

Article 5 Complaints procedure

5.1 After the complaint has been submitted, the complainant gets a message within five working-days that JaHou ICT has received his complaint.

5.2 The complaints committee investigates the admissibility of the complaint. If the complaint isn’t admissible than the committee will communicate in a written and motivated manner to the complainant. Explicit complaints regarding to exams are the responsibility of the concerned exam institute and the appointed complaints committee of this institute. JaHou ICT can’t take responsibility for this but will always be helpful with the referral of the concerned exam institute. For further information we refer to: and

5.3 Is the complaint admissible, then shall the commissioned person which has performed (parts of) the course/training or the coaching trajectory, give a written reaction to this complaint.

5.4 The complaints committee will send a write-off of it to the complainant.

5.5 If to the complaints committee’s judgment it isn’t possible to form a verdict on the basis of the complaint and the reaction of the involved trainer/coach/advisor, then will the committee hear both parties in each other’s presence.

5.6 If the above doesn’t lead to a satisfactory result for both parties, there’s an option to an appeal at an independent third party, which isn’t working for JaHou ICT Exams & Coaching. This independent third part concerns J. Gielkens BV. However, in mutual agreement can there be another third party appointed when it is deemed necessary.

Article 6 Judgment of the complaints committee and the possibility of an appeal

6.1 The complaints committee will come to a verdict in four weeks after the complaint has been received. This verdict is a written advice to the director.

6.2 The complaints committee will also send a copy of the verdict to the plaintiff.

6.3 Extension of the term which is mentioned in 6.1 is possible with two periods of a maximum of four weeks.

6.4 If the extension is necessary, then the complaints committee will make this known to the plaintiff.

6.5 The verdict of earlier mentioned independent third party (article 5.6) is binding and eventual consequences of this verdict will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Article 7 Reaction of the director

7.1 The director will announce his written reaction to the verdict of the complaints committee within two weeks after the acceptance of the verdict. This reaction is binding for all parties, unless there’s an appeal.

7.2 The director will sent a copy of his reaction to the plaintiff and the involved trainer/coach/advisor within two weeks after the acceptance of the verdict of the complaints committee.

7.3 Extension of this termin is possible with a maximum duration of two weeks. This will also be writtenly announced to the plaintiff and the involved trainer/coach/advisor.

7.4 In the case of an appeal will the verdict be send, after the acceptance of the binding verdict of the independent third party, to the plaintiff and the involved trainer/coach/advisor. All consequences which follow from this binding verdict will be written down and send to the plaintiff and the involved trainer/coach/advisor.



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