Terms and Conditions of JaHou ICT

Down below you can find the terms and conditions of the E-learning and exams which are provided through JaHou ICT.
By registering for a E-learning or exam at JaHou ICT, you choose for an agreement with a reliable partner.
The organization will put in all the effort to guide you to the achieving of your ICT-exam in an optimal way.
This means that JaHou ICT will make clear rules about this learning path, which have been written down below.

General provisions:

  1. A course member can be defined as the person of whom a completed and signed invoice, or an application-form has been received. The course member receives a proof of registration.
  2. The course member receives the lecture material and books belonging to the course/training at the start of the E-learning.
  3. The lecture material will become property of the course member, if the fee of the course has been fully paid. The copy wright and the right of ownership remains the property of JaHou ICT. It is not allowed to give the lessons entirely of partially to third parties or to use these lessons for lecturing in which form whatsoever.
  4. After finishing the course of which the course member has been subscribed, is the client not a course member anymore. For further educational courses shall the client have to register again.
  5. These terms and conditions are also applicable on the employer which enter into an agreement for either one or more employees.


  1. You do not pay JaHou ICT any registration fee.
  2. The costs of postage of the lecture material must be paid in all circumstances by the course member against the cost of postage at that time.
  3. The course member is obligated to pay the owed amount of fees of the courses and exams before the expiration date which has been described on the invoice. At all times the fee of the course has to be paid before the start of the E-learning.
  4. The costs of additional ordered material can’t be paid in terms, but are fully enclosed in the first installment of payment. Once the first installment of the full invoice has been paid, will the course member receive any extra ordered materials.
  5. Direct debit/automatic collection is only possible form your own bank account.
  6. Course members and firms, which have a foreign address, can’t pay in terms or through automatic collection. The lecture material will be sent out once the invoice has been fully paid.
  7. All the costs which arise due to default of payment, have to be paid by the course member.


  1. The average duration of study for the E-learning has been mentioned in the invoice and can found back at www.jahou.eu.
  2. The course member can indicate that he/she wants to use the tutoring through E-Coaching during the length of the course.
  3. Incorrect information given by the course member regarding previous education and experience gives not an exemption to not fulfill the obligations from this agreement.


  1. After signing the agreement is the course member bound the content of the financial obligation which has been entered by him/her. In case of an annulation before the start of the E-learning 20% of the course price will be charged. Requests of annulation need to be sent by registered mail. After the personal registration is the annulation of the exam not possible anymore. Changing the date of the exam is exclusively possible conform the conditions as mentioned on the website of the exam institute: www.apmg-international.comwww.exin.com and www.peoplecert.org.
  2. In case of annulation of the online E-learning courses and exam-trainings there will be no refund of the course money or the course material after the log-in.
  3. In case of death, or other exceptional circumstances which are cause to terminate the annulation costs due to reasonableness and fairness, can a written and motivated request been sent to JaHou ICT to annulate and stop the payment. JaHou ICT remains the right to ask for the written evidence.


In case of any complaints regarding to E-learning, one needs address this to the management of JaHou ICT. In case of any complaints regarding to the exam, one needs to address this to the exam-commission of the organization: www.apmg-international.comwww.exin.com and www.peoplecert.org.



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